From 20 to 110 boxes/minute

IPLA has comprehensive cash management solutions with a wide range of solutions to suit the needs of each client. We have from simple solutions to 20 boxes per minute for unification and segregation of boxes up to 110 boxes per minute.

Technical data

  • From 20 to 110 boxes/min.
  • Possibility of working with database
  • Command center with IPLA software for the installation for the correct management of the line
  • Length and number of exits according to customer needs.


⇒ Box dosing system through virtual windows. It reserves a space for each box adapted to its size through which it permanently monitors the position of the box, thus ensuring that each box reaches its correct destination despite the fact that a box is manually removed.

⇒ Minimization of reading errors. Label reading through artificial vision, allowing faster reading and greater information capture.

⇒ Improvement of product treatment. Diversion of the boxes without impacts, avoiding blows and sudden changes of direction.

⇒ Optimum distribution of boxes. The developed software provides real-time information on the occupation of the sorter outputs.


  • Management software with real-time information on production to get the most out of each of the sorter outputs.
  • Increase in palletizing efficiency of up to 20%
  • Generation of daily reports with the productive details of the plant
  • The system consists of:
    • PC and two monitors.
    • Assignment table for assigning SKUs without using the PLC screen.
    • Assignment of preloaded prescriptions.
    • SCADA of the installation.
    • List of SKUs with information on your production for optimal distribution, instantaneous speed at installation and output, history per SKU….
    • Information on the use of the automatic and manual palletizing installation and unread boxes.
  • These screens can be viewed from any computer through the internet browser.



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