Up to 15 boxes/minute

Robotic arm with pressurised clamp gripper for palletising and/or depalletising rigid boxes.

The anthropomorphic robot can also be programmed to handle empty pallets, thereby allowing for stackable pallets to be made, or for positioning cardboard sheets between layers.

In addition to the programming of the robot itself, depending on the type of element to be handled, a whole series of auxiliary machines are integrated into the cell, such as automatic pallet handling, pattern-forming tables, etc.

* Bushel box only available if it has a vertical strip.


  • Robot model specially chosen to cover installation needs
  • Robot brand to be chosen by the client
  • Constructed with electrowelded steel tubing, sheet metal and platens
  • Finished with epoxy, two-part polyurethane or zinc paint


⇒ Palletising capacity of a wide variety of boxes and formats (including chimney stacking)

⇒ Maximum palletising safety (makes falls impossible)

⇒ Large number of possible patterns

⇒ Minimal maintenance

⇒ Tracking possibilities (outer labels)


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