Customized solutions

Among its numerous products, IPLA develops and implements pallet and box handling solutions for applications as varied as automatic handling, industrial handling, robotic pallet transporter, internal handling, automated handling, etc.

In addition, we are also manufacturers of all kinds of auxiliary devices for handling pallets, such as stackers, unstackers, lifters or any other element required depending on the needs of the installation, so that we can offer comprehensive customized solutions.

Custom products

TRANSFER FOR PALLETS: They can be used to transport full or empty pallets or both, there are various models.
LIFT: They can be one or two pallets, its construction can vary depending on the weight to be lifted and the height.
LIFT LIFTER: Machine designed to place two measurements on a pallet, or to place a full pallet on another pallet.
PALLET DESTACKER: Machine designed for the automatic supply of pallets to a line from a stack of empty pallets.
PALLET STACKER: Device designed to stack empty pallets, it is used as a general rule in depalletizing stations.
90º DEVIATION: There are various models depending on the number of tracks, they can also be chain or roller and the elevation can be mechanical or pneumatic.
TURNTABLE PLATFORM: This device can be manufactured with both rollers and chains.
ROLLER CONVEYOR: They can be manufactured in various lengths and widths, the mounting of guide elements being optional.
CHAIN CONVEYOR: They can be manufactured in various lengths and widths, these conveyors can be 2, 3, or 4 tracks depending on the number of chains. They can also have fixed ends or tensors.


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