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Since its foundation more than 30 years ago, IPLA has been committed to offering professionalism, quality and excellent service throughout the project. Our commitments of personalised solutions, clients as strategic partners, design reliability and safety and constant innovation are the bases that lay the foundation for our work and accurately reflect our brand identity.

Experience and commitment

years of experience in developing palletising solutions

palletisers installed worldwide

robot commissioned  every 15 days

years os sustained growth
by over 20%


exports in 2022
International presence

Present all over the world

IPLA was born as a Spanish project, but our international expansion has led us to be present in markets over five continents, including Europe, the USA, and Latin America, where our recently inaugurated Chilean headquarters is located.

Whether with our own sales network or through specialised partners and integrators, our business continues to expand globally, offering the best palletising solutions.