• Production of up to 45 boxes/minute or 4.5 layers/minute.
  • Pattern versatility: 90%.
  • Entry boxes height: between 2800 and 3500 mm.
  • Pallet size: 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm.



The ALTO palletiser is designed for high-speed production palletising automation. Its pattern forming table by rows allows for the creation of multiple-gap patterns, making it a very versatile machine. Furthermore, its grouping and rotation belt, as well as being able to coordinate movements, makes it a fast machine.

You will get perfect results with the security of a stable pallet, as it has a centring framework that positions loads centrally on the pallet.

Main advantages

Centring of pallet loading

Compact design

Multiple gap creation

Optional extras

This palletiser offers the possibility of installing accessories such as the empty pallet dispenser and the interlayer dispenser, capable of placing a sheet of cardboard between two layers of the pallet.

The design of this palletiser allows for a wide variety of possibilities for pallet entry and exit, allowing them to enter empty from one side and leave finished on the opposite side. Finished pallets can also exit at 90º from the entry of empty pallets. Also, empty pallets can be fed in at the same time as finished pallets leave, by using double-height conveyors.

Furthermore, all our palletisers have the option of a remote assistance system via Wi-Fi.