A machine designed to place mesh and cardboard covers on wooden boxes using hot glue.

Covers are placed one by one, as the machine has a carriage that moves the cover from the device to the work area and a gripper that positions it over the box.

  • Production: 900 covers/hour.
  • Installed power: 4 kW.
  • Air consumption: 210 LN/minute.
  • Glue consumption at full power: 650 g/hour.
  • Glue deposit capacity: 4 kg.


How it works

Boxes arrive on a conveyor from the packaging area. Boxes enter the work area via pneumatic stops, so they arrive one by one. In the process whereby the box enters the work area, glue guns place hot glue on the side of the box for the subsequent gluing of the cover.

Covers are transferred from storage to the main gripper via a carriage with suction pads that moves horizontally.

After transferring the cover to the main gripper, the horizontal carriage moves back, allowing the gripper to lower and position the cover. With the pressure of the gripper clamps, the cover sticks on the previously glued box.


  • Constructed with electrowelded steel tubing, sheet metal and platens.
  • Finished with epoxy, two-part polyurethane or zinc paint.
  • Horizontal movement with gear motor with encoder, grooved belts and variable-frequency drive.
  • Vertical movement through servomotor, precision prismatic guides and grooved belt.
  • Hot glue applicator through heated hoses.
  • Adaptable to pitufo formats up to 50×30 cm.
  • 60x40cm and 50x35cm accepted passage.
  • Lateral guiding of the conveyor adjustable via crank.
  • Control via a touch screen terminal.


⇒ Covers can be replenished without stopping the machine. Increased productivity.

⇒ High production.

⇒ Minimal incident rate, over 99% effectiveness.

⇒ Suitable for various formats by changing gripper and cover storage.

⇒ Reduced dimensions.

⇒ Easy handling.

⇒ Minimal maintenance.

⇒ Easy format change. Increased productivity.