A machine designed to place fruit in boxes by layers, according to an established format. It stands out for its high production and handling care of the fruit. The machine incorporates a regulatory accumulative tank, the packaging part itself and the box feed.

  • Production for 20X30cm boxes: 1000 boxes/hour.
  • Production for 50×30/40×30/44x29cm boxes: 500 boxes/hour (2 layers).
  • Installed power: 5 kW.
  • Air consumption: 200 LN/minute.


How it works

Once the fruit is calibrated, it arrives at the accumulative tank which acts as an automatic production regulator.

From the accumulative tank, the fruit goes on a belt where is distributed, forming a blanket, and from there to the cavities of the conveyor belt. With the fruit in the cavity, it moves to the packaging area where the gripper takes the fruit via suction and places it in the box.

The box arrives via a lower conveyor, then is positioned by pneumatic stops and lifted to the packaging position by a motor. Once elevated, the Teflon funnels are adjusted to the inner walls, allowing for fruit to enter and packaging.


  • Constructed with electrowelded steel tubing, sheet metal and platens.
  • Finished with epoxy, two-part polyurethane or zinc paint.
  • Manufactured in independent modules.
  • Movement guide through precision prismatic guide.
  • Vacuum autonomous generator.
  • Elements in contact with fruit are suitable for handling food.
  • Rapid change system for the suction pad and the conveyor belt with cavities.
  • Patented funnel system for the protection of fruit during packaging.
  • Control via a touch screen terminal.


⇒ Perfect fruit handling.

⇒ Fast format change.

⇒ High production.

⇒ Minimal maintenance.

⇒ Adaptable to boxes from 20x30cm to 60x40cm.

⇒ Easy handling.