Box depalletiser, which transports boxes from the pallet to a box conveyor or a turning module.

During movement, the pallet moves so the gripper can reach all the rows. It is designed to work with fruit boxes, so two boxes are moved at a time.

  • Production: 750 boxes/hour.
  • Installed power: 4 kW.
  • Air consumption: 90 LN/minute.


How it works

The full pallet is placed on a chain conveyor which changes the position of the pallet. There are three positions that change depending on whether it is taking the first, second or third row.

Once the pallet is fixed, the gripper moves it to the collection point.

Once row 2 is fastened, it is carefully lifted and moved horizontally to later be placed on a conveyor or a turning module.


  • Constructed with electrowelded steel tubing, sheet metal and platens.
  • Finished with epoxy, two-part polyurethane or zinc paint.
  • Vertical movement through auto-tensioning chains guided by vulcanised wheels.
  • Horizontal movement via a crank-connecting rod system.
  • Vulcanised, pneumatic pressure clamps with precision guides.
  • Control via a touch screen terminal.
  • Chain conveyor for pallet positioning.
  • Automated pallet transport and empty pallet stacking upon request.
  • Specific design for fruit boxes, 6 boxes/layer.
  • Unloading option on the turning module.


⇒ Minimal maintenance.

⇒ Reduced space.

⇒ Quickly pays for itself.

⇒ Perfect for fruit mixing, combining two depalletisers 2 by 2.