Up to 20 boxes/minute

DUOBOT  is a new palletizing cell developed to offer the industrial sector an alternative to collaborative robots.

The robot has two palletizing positions that work alternately, allowing the operator access to remove the entire pallet while the robot continues working on the other side, thanks to its 3 security zones. It is a piece of equipment mounted on a platform, so its installation and start-up is reduced to 3 days. The design is based on versatility, since it can work with any type of box between 120×120 and 600×400, and its interface is very simple and intuitive to use.

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Technical specifications

  • Output of up to 20 boxes/minute per line or 8’5 cycles/minute
  • Adaptable to all patterns
  • Adaptable to all box types
  • Entry boxes height: from 575 mm
  • Pallet size: 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm


– MATCH UP Kit: Allows for boxes to be grouped into bundles with a maximum bundle size of 600×400 mm.

Main advantages

Secure and versatile gripper

This comb and pressure plate gripper is designed to lift boxes from beneath and hold them from above, ensuring palletising of the box in perfect condition, even with previous sealing errors.

Control interface

The cell has a touch screen display which allows for manual control of all installation elements, including the robot, displaying alert zones with active photocell indicators and avoiding use of the robot console, making handling easier.

Graphic pattern generation

The inclusion of new palletising formats is a simple task with the software developed for this cell. The program generates an image of the boxes and pallets, creating patterns without the need to specify the coordinates or movements of each box. It has a storage capacity of up to 100 palletising formats.

Plug & play

A cell that can be mounted and launched in 3 days as it is mounted on a platform which retains the reference points on their place during transport.

Optional extras

It is not only versatile in use, but also in design. It can accommodate optional extras like interlayer dispensers  and the external control screen to the electronic framework. Entry and exit are designed to work with a pallet jack.

All our palletisers have the option of a remote assistance system via Wi-Fi.


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