Up to 15 boxes/minute

Palletizer designed for palletizing various elements, being able to work in layers or rows. It has two main movements, vertical and horizontal, in such a way that its work stations are arranged aligned under the portico. Its robust design allows it to execute highly precise movements that ensure perfect palletizing.

Technical specifications

  • Output: 2.5 layers/minute or 15 boxes/minute
  • Installed power: 3 KW
  • Maximum load: 150 kg/layer
  • Air consumption: 72 LN/minute

How it works

Boxes enter the forming table from the packaging line. Rows of boxes are set up on the table. When a row is completed, the row is shifted to allow more boxes to enter. This operation is repeated until the layer is complete.

Once the layer is complete, the gripper descends and closes the clamps, holding the boxes with pressure. With the boxes fixed, the gripper is elevated above the pallet and moves horizontally to the palletising area to lightly place the layer down.


  • Constructed with electrowelded steel tubing, sheet metal and platens
  • Finished with epoxy, two-part polyurethane or zinc paint
  • Vertical movement through auto-tensioning chains guided by vulcanised wheels
  • Horizontal movement on a grooved belt
  • Vulcanised, pneumatic pressure clamps with precision guides
  • Roller table with motorised sideways pusher and precision prismatic guides
  • Control via a touch screen terminal
  • Built-in anti-fall safety system
  • Kits to be added according to the requirements of the project:
    • Box stacker before the palletiser to increase palletising capacity to up to 20 boxes/minute
    • Box swivel at the input of the table
    • Centring frame for the perfect fit between the layer to be placed and the last one that was placed
    • Kit prepared to work with 200×300 mm boxes
    • Kit prepared to work with 440x290mm boxes
    • Multi-position central gripper (pneumatic or motorised)
  • On request, it is possible to work with pallets placed sideways
  • Possibility of including automatic pallet handling upon request


⇒ Case stacker to reach a production of 20 cartons/minute.


⇒ Adaptable to a wide variety of boxes and patterns

⇒ Minimal maintenance

⇒ Tracking possibilities using rotator (outer labels)

⇒ High output

⇒ Quickly pays for itself


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