Up to 60 boxes/minute

The ALL-ROUND PAL palletising cell is characterised by arms that rotate and position each box on the route to the forming table.

This makes it capable of configuring any kind of pattern with stacking boxes.

Furthermore, its comb and plate gripper lifts boxes from underneath and holds them on the sides, ensuring palletising of the box in perfect condition, even with previous sealing errors, while allowing variability in box size as the gripper palletises complete layers.

Technical specifications

  • Output of up to 60 boxes/minute per line or 3.5 cycles/minute
  • Adaptable to all patterns
  • 3 available settings
  • Entry boxes height: between 800 and 2400 mm
  • Robot: 500 kg. Payload: 220 kg
  • Pallet size: 1200×800 mm and 1200×1000 mm

Main advantages


  • Rotation and positioning handler.
  • Any kind of pattern with stacking boxes


  • Safe and versatile
  • Packets of up to 1000×1200 mm


The control software developed by IPLA provides total control of the pallet cell without needing to use the robot console, making use easier and removing the need for a programmer to make modifications.

The touch-screen control interface allows manual control of all cell elements, displaying alert zones with active photocell indicators.

There is also the possibility of configuring new palletising formats, generating patterns by indicating the movements that each box must make.

Furthermore, it offers production information like the number of palletised boxes and pallets, rate of production and more.

Optional extras

This cell offers the possibility of incorporating a cardboard-handling device that places the cardboard sheets between layers inside the cell.

There is also the option of configuring the machine to be capable of making half pallets, as well as measuring it to make 20 or 40 boxes/minute.

All our palletisers have the option of a remote assistance system via Wi-Fi.


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